Product name: “Iolaos”, cream cheese (available upon request); 

Packaging: 200-grams jars in cardboard boxes; 

Features: after a 5-minutes long melting process at a temperature of 75°C, we have this pecorino cream cheese. This process is essential in killing all the bacteria that are normally to be found at the beginning of the procedure, in order to meet the standards imposed by the European regulations in relation to dairy products. Our cream cheese is made of a blend of grated aged pecorino cheese, a small part of sweet ricotta cheese and a small part of water. We don’t use emulsifying salts. Therefore, at the end of the whole process we have a creamy product, thicker than other types of traditional cream cheese but, by contrast, strong-flavoured and intense. 

Production area: Sardinia; 

Type of paste: pale yellow, creamy and with a thick texture; 

Flavour: pleasantly spicy; 

Tips: keep the temperature of the cheese steady at 4°C. This cheese is perfect for appetizers and pasta.