Product name: “Norax”, organic pecorino cheese; 

Features: semi-cooked pecorino cheese, exclusively made with full-cream sheep milk, thermised at a temperature of 60°C; 

Salting: stewed; 

Type of paste: soft after 2/3 months from the beginning of the aging process, then compact, white, slightly yellow when more aged; 

Shape: cylindrical; 

Production area: Sardinia; 

Clotting: milk is first fermented with enzymes and then curdled at a temperature of 38°C with powdered calf rennet. 

Aging: at least 2 months at a temperature of 14°C (humidity level: 80-83%); 

Size: 14 cm in diameter; 

Flavour: delicate, savoury and stronger with the continuation of the aging process (sweet); 

Weight: from 2.5 to 3 kilos; 

External appearance: smooth, with a thick deep yellow/dark brown crust; 

Packaging: in cardboard boxes; 

Tips: keep the temperature of the cheese steady at 4°C.