Dear Guests,

We welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay at our farmhouse. This service charter has been

prepared for you so that you get to know our commercial farm, our services, the timetables and the

rules of conduct for mutual respect for all. Our staff is available to answer your questions and help

you when you are in need during your stay; with your help, experience and advice, you will certainly

help us improve, so we are asking you to make any request or report any matter considered helpful.

On the other hand, during your stay, we will try to provide you with tourist information regarding the

surroundings, happenings, local events and peculiarities of our territory, through stories, advertising

material and maps.

Presentation of the Farmhouse.

The Nuragh’Elighe Farmhouse was founded in 2002, with the aim of renovating an old

building while respecting the architecture of the early sixties, when one part was used as a sheepfold

and the other as a stable for sheep. Egidio, a dear brother of ours who died prematurely, deserves the

merit for its establishment and enhancing the territory. The farmhouse is located next to an ancient

nuragh (protonuragh), partially destroyed, by the name of “Nuragh’Elighe”, which identifies the

territory itself, and about 300 meters away from a historic Roman bridge called “Oinu” (one of the

few on Sardinia with three arches) built along the Riu Mannu (river that flows to Bosa), so named

thanks to a small village that sprang up later in the Middle Ages, and unfortunately, there are no traces

of it left. In the olden days, this bridge was of great commercial strategic importance, due to

continuous trade, representing the crossroads for various municipalities: Sindia, Macomer,

Pozzomaggiore, Semestene, etc.

The name Nuragh’Elighe derives from the compound word: Nuragh, which is easy to understand, and

Elighe, from Sardinian dialect meaning holm oak; it is assumed that in the past there were rich holm

oak forests.

Commercial farm.

The holiday farm is a business connected to a commercial farm, which not only deals with

hospitality aspects of the farm itself but also with the prevalent livestock raising and dairy business

for processing of its ewe’s milk. A pioneer in organic farming since 1993, it was the first to be certified

for breeding (sheep, cattle, pig and until recently, even horse) and among the first to be certified for

cereal and forage crops. It was the first to have a mini dairy applying a more professional innovative

method to artisan dairy production. The livestock commercial farm covers approximately 350

hectares in the Marghine-Planargia area, mainly between the Municipalities of Sindia and Macomer

and only a few hectares in the countryside of Bosa. The pastures are above all those of “Campeda”,

renowned for the quality of their milk and its by-products, immersed in a naturalistic scenario of great

landscape interest, in the SCI and SPA areas. The commercial farm has been operating in this

environmental context for 70 years now, and since 1990, although not yet been certified as organic,

it has had its own rules, in order to carry out agriculture without the use of synthetic chemicals. Today, the ewe’s milk obtained is almost entirely processed at our

small dairy, where cheeses and cured ewe’s milk cheese “pecorino ricotta” are obtained (for your

information, over the years we have received important awards). The products are mostly sold abroad,

only a small part is used by the farm. On the other hand, mutton, beef and pork are sold in Italian

markets, only a small portion is set aside for hospitality, also in the form of cold cuts (only for pork).

Our varieties of Sardinian lamb branded PGI and our piglet pork renowned for its tastiness deserve

special mention.

Hospitality services.

Hospitality takes place in:

– 3 rooms, a large one in the middle, a small one for our overnight guests, with the possibility of

reading books about Sardinia, and a room with a veranda, for those who want to have a view of the

outdoors, in close contact with nature. As many as 120 can be seated, but in fact, we only seat 80, due

to our philosophy that favours the comfort of our guests over higher income;

– 6 bedrooms, of which 3 classic doubles, 2 French and 1 with twin beds, for a total of sleeping

facilities for 13; in particular, one of the double bedrooms, number 6, is designed for the disabled,

and there is a sofa bed which, if necessary, can be turned into a comfortable single bed. All rooms

have their own independent bathroom, air conditioning, TV and free Internet connection with Wi-Fi;

– Space for 10 camper vans/tents equipped with lighting, unloading area where it is possible to

discharge waste water, one for collecting clean water, dish washing area, laundry (washing by hand)

area, 1 washing machine,3 showers, of which only one indoor with water warm as well as 3 outdoor bathrooms;

– 1 kennel;

– 1 play area for toddlers and children up to 6 years of age

(Important: parents are strongly advised to always check their children while playing, the

Management cannot be held responsible for them).

Reservations at the Farmhouse.

Reservations can be made by phone or on-line and the prices can be found on our official

website (the only one considered accurate in the event of any disputes) for the

services provided in halls, bedrooms, and in the camper/tent area. In particular, the services provided

in the bedrooms are as follows: overnight stay, B&B, half board and full board, and include the

consumption of hot water, cold water, lighting, air conditioning, TV, Internet, bed linen, bathroom

linen, change of towels, change of sheets and courtesy service. Upon request, the following are

available: a blow dryer, an iron and a cot for small children.

Unless otherwise decided, room reservations are confirmed after payment of a deposit of 30%

of the total estimated amount, by bank transfer to: Banca Unicredit, Macomer branch, to the account

held by Salis Pasquale e Figli S.S. Agricola with

IBAN number: IT 89 R 02008 85341 000010914892 (for those who book from abroad, the BIC

SWIFT number is: UNCRITM147M).

For your information: “The deposit: it is an amount paid in advance as guarantee so that the

room is available when you arrive and to reimburse any damage caused to the premises during your

stay, unless the guest does not show up or damaged property is found, this amount should in theory

be returned at the end of the stay, but customarily the guest always prefers that the difference is

deducted from the amount of the deposit”

Cancellation of the reservation or early departure of the guest.

If it is decided to cancel the reservation, the guest must provide notice by e-mail or SMS or

WhatsApp, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded. If a booking was made for several rooms by

a group formed by members of the same family/or a group of friends, in the event of cancellation of

even one room, a percentage of the deposit will be kept in order to cover loss of earnings.

For cancellation of reservations within certain limits, the following penalties may be charged:

– up to 30 days before the arrival date no penalty is applied;

– from 29 to 15 days before the arrival date a penalty equal to 30% of the cost for the entire

booked stay will be charged (possibly if paid, covered by the deposit);

– from 14 to 8 days before the arrival date a penalty equal to 50% of the cost for the entire

booked stay will be charged;

– from 7 days before the arrival date a penalty equal to 100% of the cost for the entire booked

stay will be charged;

– in case of no-show or early departure, a penalty equal to 100% of the cost of the entire

booked stay will be charged.

Cancellation of the reservation by us.

In the event that, due to overbooking or justified reasons, availability of the room cannot be

guaranteed, the Nuragh’Elighe Farmhouse reserves the right to offer the guest an alternative solution.

If the guest does not want to accept the proposed alternative, the deposit paid by him will be

immediately returned and no other claim can be made against the Nuragh’Elighe Farmhouse.

Check-in from 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

(those wishing to dine are asked to let us know by 4.00 p.m.)

In case of arrival at different times, guests are kindly asked to let us know in advance by

calling the numbers given in the heading.

By 24 hours of delay after the expected arrival, if we do not receive any notice, the management is

authorized to cancel the reservation

Upon arrival, the guest must present himself at the reception (sales counter and cash register

area) ready to hand over a valid piece of ID, and valid ID of the others accompanying him; all of

them, however, are required to sign the privacy policy.

The balance for the stay must be paid the evening before or on the day of the departure. The

accepted means of payment are as follows: debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Pay and

Maestro), bank cheque and cash.

Check-out from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

If you need to stay longer, just make arrangements with our staff beforehand and check

together if any vacant rooms are available.

Early check-out: it can be done by making arrangements with our staff; otherwise we cannot

guarantee reimbursement of any advances.

Late check-out up until 3.00 p.m.: it can be done by making arrangements with our staff,

subject to availability of vacant rooms and on condition that at least one meal of 20.00 euros per

person is consumed;

Late check-out after 3.00 p.m.: you will have to pay the normal amount, based on the service


Processing of personal data.

Personal data and any other element learned by our commercial farm during the course of the

service will be subject to confidentiality obligations and processed by respecting the privacy and

rights of the person through systematic application by us of appropriate protection measures and

guarantee, pursuant to the new European privacy regulation 2016/679.

Farmhouse timetable and services.

Breakfast from 7.30 to 10.00 (unless otherwise agreed): It is the classic Italian breakfast that

includes coffee or tea or coffee with milk or cappuccino, along with a slice of home-made tart and

shortbread or biscuits or small doughnuts or a big doughnut also home-made, or toasted bread or

rusks accompanied by home-made jam and butter. Other breakfast food you order (eggs, cold cuts,

fruit etc.) will be charged separately.

Lunch from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. (unless otherwise agreed): the lunch served is the one decided

by the chef for the day, we remind our dear guests that being a farmhouse, we only prepare meals

which are booked. On the other hand, for groups, lunch menus must be agreed first to decide on the

dishes to be served and the price of course.

Normally lunch usually includes the following dishes: 5/7 appetizers, 2 first courses, 2 second

courses, and 1 or 2 side dishes, fruit if requested, dessert and coffee, along with water and wine, a

“vermentino di benvenuto” a local tradition and a goodbye digestive. Lunch for guests staying in

rooms/the camper-tents area usually includes cold cuts and/or bits of cheese for tasting, 1 first course,

1 second course and coffee, water and wine unless otherwise agreed with the guest.

Dinner from 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. (unless otherwise agreed): the dinner served is the one decided

by the chef for the day, we remind our dear guests that being a farmhouse, we only prepare meals

which are booked. On the other hand, for groups, dinner menus must be agreed first to decide on the

dishes to be served and the price of course.

Normally dinner usually includes the following dishes: 5/7 appetizers, 2 first courses, 2 second

courses, and 1 or 2 side dishes, fruit if requested, dessert and coffee, along with water and wine, a

“vermentino di benvenuto” a local tradition and a goodbye digestive. Dinner for guests staying in

rooms/the camper-tents area usually includes cold cuts and/or bits of cheese for tasting, 1 first course,

1 second course and coffee, water and wine unless otherwise agreed with the guest.

Sale of products at the counter:

from 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., unless otherwise agreed with the


Cleaning in the Farmhouse.

Cleaning of the rooms is done every 3 days starting from the third day; all rooms contain a set

of cleaning products, which may be necessary for the guest to keep the room clean. When our staff

cleans, the cooperation of guests is important, and they should leave the room, possibly from 10 in

the morning. Once cleaning is done, the room will be aired, dusted, swept, with washing of surfaces

and floors using suitable products; out of respect for the next guests to occupy the room, in rooms

where pets were staying, cleaning will inevitably be longer and therefore more expensive (the rooms

must be disinfected). In addition, every 3 days there is normally a change of towels while sheets are

changed weekly. All this will be done in view of sustainable behaviour that has the least possible

environmental impact.

We reserve as of now, subject to informing the guest, the right to enter the rooms, should special

cleaning operations and/or extraordinary and urgent maintenance operations become necessary.

Any malfunctions or breakages must be promptly reported by guests to our staff, and we will

try to intervene as soon as possible. We will make the effort to ensure that you are comfortable and

stay for the time booked.

We take this opportunity to remind you dear guests, without charging any extras, that our business

is run in the midst of nature and therefore temporary disruptions may occur, for which we ask you

to be tolerant and understanding, for example: in the event of failure or malfunction of the Wi-Fi

Internet connection, failure or malfunction of the TV, temporary power failure, etc. Also, for those

who are staying in tents, and in general for all guests in contact with the outdoors, we kindly ask you

to notify us immediately in case of the presence of unwanted insects (in fact, despite the fact that we

periodically carry out thorough pest control, being close to grazing livestock, these could attract


In the event that, upon occupying the room, the guest finds that the accessories supplied are broken

or malfunction, he must promptly report it at the reception desk

so that management can promptly arrange for replacement or repair. If such matters are not reported,

the management will consider that the room was in excellent condition when it was turned over to the

guest: any breakages will be quantified and charged to the guest.

Out of respect for everyone at the Farmhouse.

Guests are kindly asked to keep the television set and their own music systems at a volume

that respects the peace and harmony of the other guests and the surrounding natural environment. (It

is not unusual to see birds coming and nesting on the farmhouse, even for a very short time.)

The place must be kept silent during the following hours: 2.00 p.m.-4.00 p.m. and 12.00 a.m.-

7.30 a.m.

Guests who do not follow the rules or start arguments likely to disturb the peace will have to pay their

bill in advance and leave the farmhouse.


– guests are required to take care of the rooms, equipment and furnishings found at the


– smoking is strictly forbidden inside the rooms or in the common areas;

– it is forbidden to use extra heating appliances or open flames in the rooms such as stoves or

the like for preparing food;

– it is forbidden to move or use furniture, beds or equipment inappropriately and any damage

and/or deterioration will be charged to the guests held responsible.

You have chosen a holiday in close contact with nature. Help us to respect it and safeguard it by

trying to limit water and electricity consumption to necessity; please ensure that the doors and

windows are closed when the heating system is on. Likewise, please do not leave the lights on when

you are not in the room.

Our philosophy has always been based on respect for the environment, by adopting over time at all

our commercial farms solar panels for the production of hot water, an energy supply system

integrated by a photovoltaic system. In addition, we are making the effort to use more and more

efficient energy consumption systems.

Upon its introduction, we began separate waste collection.


Guests should bear in mind that we are always on the premises. However, it can happen that we

have to leave temporarily to run errands and, in this case, you will be immediately informed. You can

contact us by phone at any time at the numbers given in the heading.

Pets at the farmhouse.

Pets are allowed, ensured they are well-behaved and accustomed to contact with other people and

other animals. If there is room, pets can stay in the kennel, but if the guest decides

to keep them in the room (we specify that we do not supply beds or any equipment necessary for the

stay of animals) you are the one who must bring the necessary items for your four-legged friend. It is

absolutely forbidden to let them rest on the beds or chairs (in respect of those who come after you),

it is your responsibility to keep a watchful eye on them, and it is not allowed to leave animals alone

on the premises. The same thing applies to our motor-home friends, any damage caused by animals

is solely the responsibility of the owners themselves. Dogs must be kept on a leash in the common

areas and only by the decision of our staff can they enter restaurant rooms, once it is ascertained that

no one suffering from asthma is inside.

A supplement will inevitably be charged for keeping an animal in your room.


Upon arrival, the guests will receive the room keys once they have handed over their ID; there

are no time limits, the important thing is that meal times are respected. In case the keys are lost, our

staff must be notified at once and a small fee may be charged to remake the keys or replace the entire


For security reasons, please always lock the bedroom door when leaving,

the Management is not responsible for theft or loss of objects left unattended on the premises.

Parking area.

Given the size of the space available, there are no limits, but it would be advisable to park in

the areas indicated by the signs, to avoid obstructing the way of other vehicles (we are relieved of any

responsibility for any damage). However, in case of doubts, you can go ahead and ask our employees

for information.

There are no particular risks, however, we advise you to lock your car in any case.


For any dispute that may arise in relation to the interpretation, execution, and/or termination of the

booking to which these general conditions of service apply in which Salis Pasquale e Figli SS

Agricola is a party, solely the Court of Oristano has jurisdiction.

Best wishes,

Antonio Pasquale Salis

PS: if you wish, there is a shelf at the entrance to the halls where you can leave your opinion (do

not forget to write the date)