Product name: “Shardana”, organic ricotta cheese, salted and smoked (available upon request); 

Features: ricotta cheese exclusively made of sheep whey; 

Shape: cylindrical; 

Type of paste: dark yellow/slightly brown paste; 

Production area: Sardinia; 

Flavour: pleasantly salted and smoked; 

Aging: it lasts 10/15 days; 

Size: 16 cm in diameter; 

Weight: 2.5 kilos; 

Manufacturing process: the whey is heated until it reaches a temperature of 80-85°C. Then, as the curds rise, they are placed gently into draining forms and pressed. After 24 hours the cheese is salted, and for over 10 days it is smoked with typical Mediterranean shrubs; 

Packaging: in cardboard boxes; 

Tips: keep the temperature of the cheese steady at 4°C.