Product name: “Shardana”, salted ricotta cheese, flavoured with myrtle berries (available upon request); 

Features: ricotta cheese exclusively made of sheep whey; 

Shape: cylindrical; 

Type of paste: delicate, white paste; 

Production area: Sardinia; 

Flavour: pleasantly salted; 

Aging: it lasts 10/15 days; 

Size: 16 cm in diameter; 

Weight: 2.6 kilos; 

Manufacturing process: the whey is heated until it reaches a temperature of 80-85°C. Then, as the curds rise, they are placed gently into draining forms, organic myrtle berries are added and, finally, the curds are pressed. After 24 hours the cheese is salted; 

Packaging: in cardboard boxes; 

Tips: keep the temperature of the cheese steady at 4°C;